You haven’t seen me lately.

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Hello! Remember me?

I usually write you every couple of weeks, but it’s been six long weeks since I last said “hello.”

There have been several “you’ve got to be kidding me” challenges that have deflated me in the last couple of months.

Tack these hard last months onto my hard last year and I’ve been doing my best just to keep afloat.


Last post, I kicked off a series on self-compassion.

Since then, I’ve been doing my darndest to practice it.

And it’s made all the difference in how I’ve been making it through this time.

A couple of weeks ago, I was stunned by a particular moment.

I was feeling really sad in the morning.

Standing at the kitchen sink, I thought to myself, “I love you, Sheila.”

Maybe you say, “I love you,” to you all the time. (I hope that’s true.) Personally, I think it was the first time I’ve heard myself think those exact words.

After I heard them, I immediately felt better.

I was able to pretty quickly let go of the sadness and move on with my day.

That’s the power of self-compassion….

I used to be a person who beat myself up. Back in my twenties, I can’t tell you how many times a day I’d think, “You’re such an idiot.” (Ouch.)

Apparently, I’m now a person who says “I love you” to herself.

How on earth did that happen?

Now that I’m back in the writing saddle, consider this a preview for Part 3 of this series.

I’ll see you again soon…!


​​Sheila Devi is a career transition coach.

When most people make a career change, they either don’t take the time to see their options and/or they don’t fully evaluate their options. As a result, they make big life changes that often make them no happier than they were before.

Sheila will work strategically to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. She’ll help you figure out your perfect step: interesting work that also allows you to create an overall life you love.

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