No One Way! (Sketch 5)

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~ On October 10th, I launched No One Way™ over in Instagram

~ The project visually illustrates how people have really gotten to where they are now. (For more on the background, check out last week’s blog post.)

~ Every Friday, we’ll do a deeper dive into one of the sketches here on the blog. 

~ Today is the first.

Meet Rick…


A note from Rick – “Those Red are jobs I had that I actually got a Degree for. Those in Yellow are things I really enjoyed doing, and those in green are items I made more money at than the average Joe of my age at the time. All the jobs and degrees were obtained in Milwaukee WI. Born here and never left.”

I asked Rick to share a bit more about his particular path….

What was the biggest surprise along the way? 

“In so many jobs, the requirements to have those jobs were a mile long.  What I found out in the end is, most of those didn’t matter.  In every case I had to either get training, or learn from the others around me, or figure it all out on my own.  The best learning?  From those around me willing to share their wisdom.”

One of the biggest challenges?

“Getting married and having children.  When it was just me, or heck even just us falling was much easier.  Options were much more open.  When I got married I was at a huge crossroads.  Continue as a therapist?  As a Minister? Or grow the speaking career?  Children changed that path.  I felt like I needed security, and a better paycheck, and I took the first thing that came.  In some ways, I wish I had persevered through the fear and taken option C.”

Looking back, what are you most grateful for?

“I was most grateful for those that helped me up when I fell.  Whether it was somebody at the job, or the people around me who made positive suggestions, or guidance, it all comes down to positive people in your life.  Mentors are quite helpful, but so are just uplifters.  Surround yourself with as many as you can.”

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along your way?

“It might sound trite, or overused, but really find things you really enjoy doing, in places and with people you enjoy.  There is one caveat to this though – DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Not only on the industry, but on yourself as well.  Do you REALLY want to work in a kitchen which means hot hot fast paced nights and weekends, or do you just like cooking?  Do you really want to live in the huge egocentric cutthroat entertainment world, or do you just really like entertaining people?  One is a career; the other is a hobby you enjoy.  You can marry both, but just be sure!”

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself that you love?

“I really enjoy speaking!  I hate the practicing on precise speeches.  That is the hard work shit sandwich I have to bite into for speaking.  Everything you end up doing will have a shit sandwich you have to bite into.  You just have to choose the one that you can deal with.  Yes, I still get a pit in my stomach, and yes, I have TOTALLY bombed, but you know it’s something you really want to do when you get back up and want to do it again anyway.”

Royals pic at all star slam

A big thanks to Rick for sharing his story. 


  1. “Surround yourself with as many uplifters as you can.” Fantastic advice, from a true uplifter himself.

    • Suzi, thanks for highlighting the part about uplifters. After reading what Rick wrote, I also thought: We can’t be mentors to everyone, but we can be uplifters. I like that thought. A new calling!


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