No One Way! (Sketch 14)

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~ On October 10th, I launched No One Way™ over in Instagram

~ The project visually illustrates how people have really gotten to where they are now. (For more on the background of the project, check out this blog post.)

~ Every M/W/F, I post a new career sketch on IG. Every Friday, we do a deep dive into one of the sketches here. 

Meet Bonnie…


Writer… Massage Therapist… Doula… Montessori Teacher… Life-Cycle Celebrant

I asked Bonnie…

Looking back, what are you most grateful for?

I’m grateful for trusting my intuition. While working for Success Magazine in my early 20s, I knew that I was not happy in my job. It was difficult to think creatively about what my next step would be because I didn’t want to give up the security of a full-time position with benefits. In the end, this nagging feeling that I wanted to work with my hands, kept gnawing at me and I knew I had to listen to that instinct. After beginning the pre-requirements for chiropractic school, I realized that massage therapy would allow me to work with my hands, while also offering a flexible schedule. I knew that once I started a family, that flexibility would be essential.

How are all of the steps connected? 

One step of my journey connects to the next in that all fields have allowed me to be of service to others during precious times. Writing served readers, myself and the community by offering perspective, humor and connection. This was a vulnerable act for me to offer my opinions or observations to a large audience. Massage therapy offered an opportunity for me to facilitate a feeling of health and wholeness to each individual I served. Working as a labor doula is the scared act of letting go and letting life in. Teaching allows me to listen and grow peaceful, independent citizens of the world. Life-Cycle Celebrancy allows me to witness a living legacy of love and hope for the future.

What was one of the biggest challenges along your way?

Being of service isn’t always lucrative. I have learned the value of money and have built a healthy respect for the freedom and opportunities financial abundance offers.

What felt like a leap? How so? 

I am an introvert. I have a performance side to my personality which has served me well as a teacher and Life-Cycle Celebrant. Creating ceremonies that flow, delight, engage and include friends and family is an art. It is a leap for me to continuously put myself out in front of a crowd of people who may have varying ideas of what a wedding should look like. Writing and officiating ceremonies that let a couple’s love shine through while offering tender moments that touch each guest is quite a challenge. I am honored and delighted with each new opportunity to deepen my work.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share with others?

Every personal and professional experience we have grows us. We may face fears that we think would rather not have or we may be in situations that make our blood pump. Each of these situations shows us another facet of ourselves. Even the parts of us that may need some polishing are better for the exposure. Putting ourselves in situations where our vulnerable underbellies are exposed offers growth in the end – and these situations are great teaching moments for others as well!


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About Sheila Devi ~

Sheila is a career transition coach, who navigated her own career transitions along the way. (Professional Actor to Professional Cook to Hotel Concierge to Certified Professional Coach.)

Sheila helps her clients figure out next steps that they are completely confident and excited to take…and that set them up for lives that they love. 


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