Public Speaking

You want to bring in a speaker to inspire and educate your team - and give them a break from their everyday work.

When you’re investing in your team, you want them to have “lightbulb” moments – and fun. 

You want them to feel excited and refreshed.

It can be a tough combo to find: someone who’s both insightful and charismatic.

Sheila Devi is that combo.

Sheila Devi’s Speaking Reel

Sheila Devi’s Speaking Reel

“I reached out to Sheila because she’s an expert on a topic we’re interested in: resilience. I was amazed at how much she researched the real estate industry and customized her talk specifically for our Coldwell Banker audience. Several attendees said ‘it felt like she was talking directly to me.’ I got compliments on her as the keynote, which is exactly what you hope for as someone who books speakers.”

Tommy King

Vice President of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group

Sheila was born to speak.

She studied Theater in college and was a professional stage actor for ten years.

Public Speaking is the perfect combinationof her background
as a Professional Actor and her current work as an Executive Coach.

Speaking Highlights:

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group (2020 Keynote), Chicago Ideas Week, World Domination Summit, 1871, and more.

Core Presentations:

Any of the following can be presented as either a workshop or talk.

“Bounce Back from Setbacks: Make it Your Best Year"

Sheila presented this topic as the Keynote at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group’s annual conference (in-person in February 2020).

You’ll Learn:

  • the #1 practice that will help you to let go and sleep better at night
  • the one question that will always help you to see the bigger picture
  • how to turn any situation into the best thing that ever happened to you

This is a highly customizable presentation that will help attendees to become a more resilient agent/entrepreneur/artist/human/etc.


Talk Length: 30-50 minutes.
Workshop Length: 90 minutes

Sheila Devi

“How to Communicate When Times Are Tough”

Given the extreme challenges of the world today, clients are more stressed than usual. It’s understandable, but it makes it harder for them to see the big picture so you can best advise them.

You’ll learn three concrete tools that will help you to talk with stressed clients:

1) so they feel better,
2) so they can hear you,
3) so you can do your best work with them

Your clients already know that you’re an expert in your field. This workshop will help create raving fans. When you’re able to engage with them in these tough times, they’ll be even more blown away by what you offer them.


Talk Length: 30-50 minutes.
Workshop Length: 90 minutes.

"How to Answer Life’s Big Questions”

Sheila will walk attendees through a six-phase process for determining how to answer life’s biggest questions, such as potential career changes or relocation.

You’ll learn:

  • a six-phase process that will enable you to answer any question confidently.
  • how to minimize stress.
  • how to uncover options you’re not seeing.
  • how to bypass the biggest mistake that most people make.


Talk Length: 45-60 minutes.
Workshop Length: 3-4 hours.

“You Always Have a Choice”

In any situation, you’re the common denominator. Often, getting more of what you want is simply a matter of changing your perceptions (and reactions).

You’ll learn:

  • your particular stress profile
  • how to finally end recurring conflicts.
  • see more options for how to respond in any situation – and choose which option will be most effective.
  • how to get more of what you want in life by strategically shifting your thoughts.

The content of this workshop is the foundation of my work with every coaching client – and it’s nothing short of game-changing.


Talk Length: 45-60 minutes.
Workshop Length: 4 hours – or two 2-hour sessions.

“How to Set Boundaries (in Everyone’s Best Interest)”

Most people:

1) aren’t taught healthy boundaries growing up,
2) have a negative idea of what boundaries are, and
3) worry what other people will think if they set a boundary.

You’ll learn:

  • how setting a boundary is not always equal to saying “no.”
  • the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries.
  • how healthy boundaries lead to better personal/professional relationships.
  • how to set clear, kind boundaries that people respect.

When you’re able to set healthy boundaries, you’ll have more time and less resentment. You’ll enjoy your life and relationships more – and you’ll be able to show up more magnificently for what’s important to you.


Talk Length: 30-50 minutes.
Workshop Length: 90-120 minutes

Customized Talks/Workshops

Not Seeing the Perfect Presentation for Your Audience?

Sheila also creates customized offerings. 

She’ll meet with you to discuss your group and event goals – and then will craft a talk that will speak directly to your community.

Key topics: 

  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
  • Personal Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Self-Compassion
  • Stress-Management

“I was amazed at how much she researched the real estate industry and customized her talk specifically for our Coldwell Banker audience.”

Tommy King
Vice President of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group


“Sheila is a positive ray of light. I didn’t know what to expect when my team participated in group and individual coaching. Our first session was scheduled for several hours, which flew by. Every moment was interesting and intriguing. I left the first coaching session replaying conversations and scenarios. It provoked much thought and reflection. My co-workers agreed. My individual session was equally thought-provoking. I continue to use the tools Sheila taught. I left feeling positive, more calm, and more in control. I highly recommend Sheila for speaking and coaching.”

Candace Meyers

Partner, Beermann LLP

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Speaking rates vary depending on the length and audience size. We’ll discuss the logistics on our call.

“Sheila spoke to our Women’s Alliance Group at ORBA about how to better communicate with clients during this particularly stressful time. She gave us helpful and simple skills that we can all apply going forward – both professionally and personally. Sheila engaged with our group through role-playing which further demonstrated how these simple (but powerful!) replies and skills work in real life situations. Thank you Sheila!”

Cara Wills

Manager, Ostrow, Reisin, Berk & Abrams