One Step Ahead of Industry Change

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My boyfriend and I were walking by the movie theater yesterday. There happened to be a documentary film festival. The next movie was sold out, but they said more tickets would be released just before showtime. We love movies and we had time in the afternoon, so we waited and got into it.

It was called “Cinema Travellers.” It tells the story of two groups of men that were in the business of taking movies (back in the days of film reels and projectors) to the remote villages of India. It also tells the story of a talented man who fixed film projectors from around the world.

You know what happens in the history of movies and technology. People get TVs and dish satellites; then they can watch movies anytime at home….

So much becomes obsolete with every new technological advance.

GPS means we don’t need printed maps. What happens to the map makers? Cell phones mean that a lot of us don’t wear watches anymore. What happens to the watch makers?

“Cinema Travellers” had one of those soundtracks that makes you feel really sad, but it wasn’t entirely a tragic story.

Hopefully without giving all of the movie away…

  • One of the characters adapted within the same industry.
  • One of them took his transferable skills to another industry.
  • … and (spoiler alert) one of them kept showing old movie reels until the people totally stopped coming.

The film ended up showing that you always have a choice, whether or not you can see it or choose to take it.

The world is constantly evolving. There will always be industry change, sometimes fast and sudden. 

~ How can you stay informed of advances in your industry and see them as opportunities instead of hassles? 

~ Not happy in your industry anymore? How can you look at all of your unique skills and come up with creative ideas for how to apply them in another way in another industry? 

Want some help? Let me know. I help people see new options every day.

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