No One Way! (Sketch 32)

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Meet Kimberly Reid…


Looking at her sketch, Kimberly writes… 

In 2015, my career took an about face and landed straight on its head, and in a sense, returned me to why I started doing the work I chose to do 15 years prior. What was evident to me in 2015 was that I felt stuck, unmotivated, no drive, no passion for the work I was doing. Being in a management position at the time lended itself to constant personnel problems, employees that were either motivated or miserable, there was no happy medium. 

In 2015, my organization experienced a reduction in force, yielding in employee layoffs, involuntary demotions, forced moves, which in turn caused chaos and confusion, but for me, it created clarity. Clarity that I was not able to see as I was too much in my own way and looking for self-fulfillment in a career that was meant to be in service to others.

I intuitively feel the law of attraction went to work on my behalf, the Universe intervened, and took me off my path with an involuntary demotion, to place me back to where I started to root down and begin again, in a front line social worker position, creating and cultivating relationships with clients helping them, aiding them, assisting them in person centered planning. The sole reason why I began my career as a social worker. To help others.

Although I couldn’t see it at the time, this sparked a desire in me to begin making small shifts in my awareness of what really mattered in my career. The aspiration to help and serve others for a greater good.

After several months of being back in this role, new opportunities for management opened. I felt the pull to return to what was familiar, yet not wanting to let go of the new relationships I cultivated. I found myself torn wanting to be their advocate and voice by serving in a mid-level management and feeling that loss of connection among the families I had grown to connect with. Eventually, I chose to return to mid-level management, but this time, I came with a new set of ideas, a new mindset for growth and expansion, and surprisingly, those ideas stemmed from serving a new client, our internal customers….. our employees.

Starting over is sometimes the best way to re-invent yourself. Be the phoenix. Burn down. Be the ashes. Resurrect and surrender the idea that you must always be who you have always been. My career wasn’t necessarily on fire, nor was it meant to be. It just had a way of fueling the constant desire to keep going by rooting down and rising up.


A big thanks to Kimberly for sharing her story. 

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