No One Way! (Sketch 29)

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Meet Diana Widman…

Diana Widman

I asked Diana…

What was the biggest surprise along the way? 

My answer to this question feels more like a slow revelation than a surprise.

I’ve learned that each part of my career, although very varied in function, has fed the next step in subtle ways.

For instance, my writing (English and Journalism, New York University) in college turned into several good jobs as a writer – editor for various news agencies and corporations. Those positions were based on finance and the economy (I worked for Dow Jones and The Chicago Board of Trade to name two). Creating stories and researching technical subjects morphed later into pharmaceutical editing and research writing. Technical writing showed me I had the ability to handle technical subjects. Hence, when I began to learn about metalsmithing, I was able to clearly understand the technical properties of metal’s behavior.

So, as one gathers experiences, they all come into play each time you take a step. 

You never really leave anything behind, but you carry your skills with you as a personal toolkit.

What’s your experience of working in simultaneous roles? 

Doing several important things concurrently requires a constant shifting of balance, time management, and a sense of humor when unexpected, unwanted stuff happens. You have to be fully committed to all the rings you are doing, take the long view, and be willing to flex when the situation changes. 

Looking back, what are you most grateful for?

I am so grateful to my parents, who encouraged curiosity and love of learning in our house. These energies have driven me to take one step after the next, build my skills, and use them in important new ways. I’m not sure whether it was self-confidence or naiveté, but I never thought I couldn’t do something I really wanted to try.  I am grateful for the joy and the intellectual growth that has opened up along the way.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along your way that you’d like to share with others as they navigate their paths?

Believe in what you are doing and balance a sense of urgency with the patience necessary to keep going in the face of disappointments.

Know that not everyone will care about what you do or need it, but those that resonate to your work will be reward enough to keep going. 

Use comparisons as a motivator, not as a reason to quit. We all have our own voice. And your is not theirs.

Treasure your family and friends, for they are the warmth that feeds your soul while you labor.


A big thanks to Diana Widman for sharing her story. 

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