No One Way! (Sketch 26)

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~ This past October, I launched No One Way™ over in Instagram

~ The project visually illustrates how people have really gotten to where they are now.

~ Every M/W/F, I post a new career sketch on IG. Every Friday, we do a deep dive into one of the sketches here. 

Meet Anne…


I asked Anne…

What advice would you give your 20 year old self, looking back from where you are now?

It’s going to take longer than you thought.  It’s going to be a lot less direct than you thought.  You’ll never ‘arrive’ so stop looking for that.

Money, friends, relationships- none of it gets ‘easier.’  You just get better at dealing with problems as they come.

Stay humble.  Trying to have all the answers does not make you smarter.

What do you see now, looking at your path, that you couldn’t see as you were living it? 

In looking at my path now, I realize that I’ve been cultivating my superpowers all along.  The things that I was good at in my 20s are things I’m even better at in my 30s.  

While it’s always important to learn and grow and try new things- ultimately the gifts I was born with haven’t changed- they’ve just gotten more honed in.

I didn’t realize that my ability to organize and systematize information in my 20s would help me write standard operating procedures, develop new courses, and help me explain complicated things in a way people could understand.  I didn’t realize how unique that skill set is and how much it would help me professionally (and otherwise).  It can be hard to recognize your own gifts because it’s easy to assume everyone else is good at them too. 

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along your way that you’d like to share with others as they navigate their paths?

Follow the interests that don’t have any direct path to making money.  You never know when taking that painting class, programming course, or doing that volunteer work is going to help you down the line.

What I’m learning is that cultivating those interests and passions can help you down the line in ways that you might not be able to see now.  If you have that desire, follow it and see where it leads.


A big thanks to Anne for sharing her story. 

Check out Anne’s website here.

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