While I love long walks, they’re less appealing in winter.

I’ve been working with a virtual personal trainer for three years. But I want to make sure I’m getting more exercise than either Tuesday or Thursday with Elyse.

External accountability, like a personal trainer or a workout buddy, helps me.

I asked Elyse if she had another client who might be similar in that…

Three days/week since early November, Aimee and I have scheduled an hour to exercise “together.” She’s in New York City and I’m in Chicago.

Like me, Aimee works from home and wants to get outside more during the colder months. So, mostly, we put on our sneakers and walk at the same time.

If I can just get out the door, I might walk much longer. I’ll pick a destination in another neighborhood. Round-trip, it’s often a good hike.

If I can just get out the door…

When weather doesn’t cooperate, we turn to YouTube for yoga or Zumba.

The “Four Tendencies,” a framework by Gretchen Rubin, is one of a few topics that I eventually talk about with almost every coaching client.

I knew how to help myself exercise more this winter because I know that I’m an Obliger.

I wrote a few posts about the framework in 2018 (still some of my most popular).

I’m going to revisit the four tendencies with more of a professional focus in my next few emails: to help you understand yourself better and the people you’re working with.

In the meantime, comment below and let me know…

How are you with New Year’s resolutions? (It might be an indication of your tendency. Dun Dun Duuun.)



PS. I adore Elyse. Email me if you want her deets.

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