My rent is automated for the 28th so there’s no chance it will arrive late because of a short month, weekend, or bank holiday.

I put felt pads on my laundry basket bottoms so they won’t scratch the wooden floors.

I triple-check to make sure the oven’s off.

I may be a dream tenant, but it only took six weeks in my new apartment for me to think, “I don’t care.”

This is a cautionary tale, my friend.

Me, texting the landlord, after she offered me the apartment:

Worse than a daily jam session, my landlord soon informed me that she was going to be a) renovating the upstairs apartment and b) refinishing the back decks. 🤯

After 22 exhausting months on the road, instead of finally getting to settle, there was oh-so-much noise.

>> Hardwood floor renovations woke me up a day earlier than I was warned…

>> Without a lockable back door, I couldn’t leave 3x because the front door was obstructed by work…

>> Rain delays meant that I didn’t get to enjoy my deck for most of the summer…

I was sincerely okay with the first disruption. And the second. And the third.

But then one small thing. Another. And another.

How quickly we can go from heartfelt leniency to “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

I texted my landlord:

That’s it?

No acknowledgement? No apology?

I texted her back: 

Do y’know what she replied?

Nothing. 🤯 😡

That was August 14th.

The day I first quiet-quit. (The bottom’s dropped out a few times since then.)

Daughter of an immigrant. Summa cum laude. Eight years into my own business. I would never have pictured myself among the disengaged masses.

But, lesson learned, none of us are above not caring.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t spray paint the walls when you quiet-quit. It would be easier for managers and landlords to detect if you did.

I still take care of the inside of my apartment. (For me, not for her.)

But I’m not going to pull any weeds, much less beautify the overgrown planter box between the sidewalk and the street, which was my plan when I first moved in.

And I’m not planning to stay longer than my lease. 🤷‍♀️

How about you…? What did you once care about that’s now lucky to get a teaspoon of your attention? —> Comment below and tell me.

Since no one’s immune from quiet-quitting, how can you keep your team engaged? So they want to do top-notch work… and to stay?

That’s for my next note!

Committed to you,


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Sheila Devi is an Executive Life Coach.

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