Hello! (I missed you!)

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It’s been longer than I care to admit since I last wrote. I’m excited to be reconnecting with you now.

A lot has happened since the pandemic started.

Professionally, this has been a really special time. It’s been an honor to support my clients through unforeseeable challenges. I’ve also loved creating and giving virtual presentations that feel even more important now, including ones around constructive communication and healthy boundaries.

Personally, 2020 and ’21 have been rough (as I bet they’ve been for you, too).

I’ve spent the pandemic solo and, despite being uber-cautious, managed to catch the virus twice (once at the very beginning and then again from voting-in-person).

I’ve been without most of my smell/taste for almost an entire year now…a roller coaster experience for someone who went to culinary school and used to be a professional cook. (I got a whiff of fresh waffle cone when walking by an ice cream shop this week and it was cause for major celebration!)

If that wasn’t enough big news, after being sandwiched between inconsiderate upstairs/downstairs neighbors and a proposal to build four-story lights for night baseball in the park directly across the street, I decided to sell my dear Chicago condo of 15 years. I put most of what I own into storage and am currently traveling the country to figure out where I want to move next.

I drove 3,000 miles in September, first from Chicago to Philly (to see my parents for the first time since Christmas 2019) and then from Philly to Denver.

I’ll be in Denver for six weeks. I’m loving it here, even more than I imagined I would. (I haven’t experienced winter or summer/smoke season so will hold off on commitment for now.)

On the coaching side, I launched a shiny new website earlier this year. I’d love for you to check it out.

If you still think of me as a career coach, please definitely take a look. My work with clients has evolved over the years. Since the end of 2019, I’ve been focusing on executive coaching, which I love.

As an Executive Life Coach, I help people in high stakes fields (such as law and accounting) see how they can serve their clients at the highest level without sacrificing their own health and happiness. As a result, my clients find more ease, joy, and freedom, while becoming even more successful in their work and personal priorities, such as marriage and parenting.

Thank you to my amazing clients for sharing video and written testimonials so you can get a better feel for what it’s like to work with me as a coach.

If you’re wondering how I’m coaching as I travel the country, I’ve been working virtually since I launched my practice in 2015. I only have to be more mindful of time zones now.

Enough about me. How are YOU? I’d love an update.

Please hit “reply” to this email and let me know how you’ve been doing since the pandemic started. (Also, do you have any favorite podcasts for my long drives?)

I’m glad we’re back in touch.



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