Hello from Mexico!

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Hola from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

(And from Guanajuato before this, pictured below.)

Sheila in Gunajuato, MX 2

While the high temperature in Chicago will be -12ºF tomorrow, I’m not here to escape the cold.

I’m here because I’ve made a decision about the way I want to live my life.

A little over a year ago, instead of getting down on one knee, my boyfriend broke up with me.

(No need for tiny violins. I’m in Mexico in January.)

That said, I’m unexpectedly a 40-year-old single woman, back in the wilds of the online dating world.

While it can be fun to entertain married friends with you’ve-got-to-be kidding-me stories about last night, dating feels much harder now than at 33 and 36.

This past September, I was hitting my head against the wall after yet another bad date.

But then I remembered ~ MY LIFE IS AWESOME.

  • I’m healthy.
  • I have amazing friends.
  • My business is growing and evolving in ways that thrill me.
  • My parents tell me they’re proud of me.
  • I live in one of the most amazing cities on the planet.
  • I have a comfortable condo and a warm winter wardrobe.

Big picture, the only thing that isn’t awesome is that I’m still looking for my partner.

This is what I realized last September:

1) I don’t have control over when I meet my someone.

2) My clients can be anywhere with internet ~ and so can I.

I can choose to focus on what I don’t have or….

Instead of bemoaning bad dates, I’m now planning remote work trips.

First Mexico. Next Bali!

Sheila's Desk in Guanajuato, MX

👆🏻 That was the view from my Airbnb in Guanajuato.

So often, we focus on the one thing that’s frustrating or eluding us.

I love the idea of a spotlight.

I can shine my spotlight here or there.

They’re both true.

But the feeling is entirely different.

What are you currently focusing on?

How does it make you feel?

Where else could you choose to shine your spotlight?

A gratitude practice can be a great intro to choosing your focus.

When life isn’t going the way you’ve hoped, what are you grateful for?

What do you have (instead of what don’t you have)?

Sheila in Guanajuato, MX

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