"Healthy Boundaries in High Stress Fields"

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Sheila Devi

You’re a caring person who makes a big difference in your work, your family, and your community… but it feels like you run out of gas more than you used to.

~ Do you ever say “yes” when you’d rather say “no?”

~ Is it hard to imagine fitting anything else into your already packed schedule (even if it’s something you want to do)?

~ As much as you love to help… have you ever hit a wall where you just didn’t feel like helping anymore?


One good thing that’s come of recent times:

It’s become obvious that no one wins when we’re frustrated or burnt out.

Fortunately… more people are talking about boundaries.

Unfortunately… most people have the wrong idea of them.

Usually, when I hear someone brag about a boundary, it’s:

  • giving their two weeks’ notice,
  • stepping down from a board, or
  • deciding not to go to Aunt Mary’s house for any more holidays.

There’s more to (healthy) boundaries than saying “no” or “buh-bye.”

Here’s some of what we’ll look at together:

  • what healthy boundaries really are… so you don’t accidentally burn bridges or risk relationships.
  • how to communicate boundaries… so you don’t have to worry about coming off as negative, selfish, or not a team player.
  • why healthy boundaries are in the best interest of you, your company, your clients, your family… so you can let go of any guilt around them.
  • word for word, what healthy boundaries sound like… so other people actually want to honor them.
  • what boundaries look like in relationships like partnerships, co-parenting, and condos… so you can work better together.


“Sheila is a very engaging speaker. I could have listened to her for much longer…even on Zoom. I appreciated the specific examples she used throughout the presentation. They helped give a realistic understanding of what healthy work boundaries sound like and how they can be constructively expressed in day-to-day situations.”

Michelle Golden

Attorney at Law, Mages & Price LLC

You’ll go from feeling pulled in a million directions…to being able to choose where you put your time and energy.

When you’re able to clearly and constructively communicate boundaries (so you’re not pushed to crankiness, exhaustion, frustration, and even quitting)…

1 ~ You’ll be able to better focus on work when you’re at work, on your family when you’re at the table, on yourself when you’re working out….

2 ~ You’ll be able to show up whole-heartedly for what’s most important to you (in the long run).

3 ~ You’ll model healthy behavior for your team members and kids.

“Sheila is an incredibly enthusiastic and engaging speaker…. I was impressed by how she guided each participant to connect the dots in personal examples and how easy she kept showing it could be to set better boundaries that don’t turn off clients.”

Diana Delaney

Interior Designer, Delaney Design Co.


Length: Two hours

Investment: $97

Platform: Zoom

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If you want more time to do the high-level work you’re capable of (and to put it away at the end of the day)… join me!

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“Sheila immediately captured the audience with her honesty, warmth and sense of humor. She provides creative examples to help you learn to how delegate and to set clear boundaries without being harsh or negative. After the workshop, our group continued the discussion into happy hour and everyone agreed the event was quite beneficial. I would (and regularly do) highly recommend Sheila’s workshops!”

Lori Goldstein

Employment Lawyer, Law Office of Lori A. Goldstein, LLC


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