Corporate Training

Goals: Retain, Re-engage, and Recruit.

Surveys show that employees feel less heard and less cared about – and are frustrated by a lack of opportunities to learn and grow.

This is a tough time for companies – AND – a golden time to develop your team…

When you set yourself apart as an organization that prioritizes people, you’ll:

~ Inspire employee loyalty (even as other companies court your best players).

~ Attract new superstars (including more diverse talent) looking for better opportunities… with a company that invests in development.

Sheila Devi’s Speaking Reel

Sheila Devi’s Speaking Reel

“I reached out to Sheila because she’s an expert on a topic we’re interested in: resilience. I was amazed at how much she researched the real estate industry and customized her talk specifically for our Coldwell Banker audience. Several attendees said ‘it felt like she was talking directly to me.’ I got compliments on her as the keynote, which is exactly what you hope for as someone who books speakers.”

Tommy King

Vice President of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group


“EQ for work (that works)”

Your team is stressed. Clients are stressed. It’s harder than ever to work together. Which makes it harder to get good work done.

Sheila’s signature program practically addresses the four core competencies of emotional intelligence, in ways your team hasn’t heard before:

  1.  Self Awareness
  2. Self Management
  3. Awareness of Others
  4. Management of Others

Programs also include a customizable mix group Q&As and one-on-one coaching.

As a result of this training, your team will:

  • > more easily work together and with clients.
  • > have more time to focus on delivering their best work (vs. dealing with dramas).
  • > feel more clear and confident about how to communicate constructively.
  • > know how to offer feedback (that’s more likely to be received and implemented by recipients).
  • > sleep better at night and be less prone to burnout.

Everything we talk about will apply professionally, as well as personally.


Investing in your team is worth it: 

  • → When your team does more top-notch work, you’ll get more recurring clients and referrals.
  • → When your team feels more satisfied and less stressed (at work and home), engagement and retention will increase.

Moreso now than ever, an experienced and engaged team is priceless.

It will set you apart from your competition.

Prospering employees = prospering firm. Win-win.

“Sheila is a positive ray of light. I didn’t know what to expect when my team participated in group and individual coaching. Our first session was scheduled for several hours, which flew by. Every moment was interesting and intriguing. I left the first coaching session replaying conversations and scenarios. It provoked much thought and reflection. My co-workers agreed. My individual session was equally thought-provoking. I continue to use the tools Sheila taught. I left feeling positive, more calm, and more in control. I highly recommend Sheila for speaking and coaching.”

Candace Meyers

Partner, Beermann LLP

Core Program Presentations:



STATISTICS: Working with colleagues who lack self-awareness can: 1) cut a team’s success in half, 2) lead to increased stress, and 3) decrease motivation. While 95% of people think they’re self-aware, only 10-15% fit the criteria, according to Harvard Business Review (HBR).



  • Overwhelmed
  • Less appreciated?
  • More easily frustrated?
  • Closer to burnout?

These are extraordinary times.

How can you show up as your best self when colleagues and clients are driving you crazy (and life outside of work is hard, too)?

Your team will learn: a simple and powerful framework – that they can easily call upon – that will help them to feel better fast.


Employee Benefits (= Organizational Benefits):

  • Less burnout = fewer sick days, more engagement, and increased creativity/quality of work.
  • Greater perspective, engagement, and confidence = stronger leaders who see solutions instead of problems, inspire team loyalty, and ace challenging situations.
  • Team members who tap into the joy and satisfaction they used to get from their work = fewer resignations/talent searches, stronger/experienced teams and, ultimately, increased profit.
Sheila Devi



STATISTICS: A 2022 Gallup survey found that only 32% of workers were engaged with their work. Calculating hard and soft costs, the cost to bring on a new employee can be 3-4x the position’s salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).



  • Quiet Quitting…
  • Not-so-quiet discontent…
  • The Great Resignation…
  • Team members that are being courted by other companies…

What worked as a leader (or seemed to work) in 2019 doesn’t cut it anymore.

Managers need to understand how humans work (and how to work with humans) → when they’re stressed-out, burned-out, and close to wanting to get out.

When your leaders are able to generously engage with their teams in these tough times (even when offering criticism/feedback), they’’ll inspire their top performance – and loyalty.

Your team will learn: three concrete tools that will help them work with people who’ve been pushed to their limits over the last few years.


Employee Benefits (= Organizational Benefits):

When team members feel better, they’ll be:

  • less defensive,
  • easier to instruct, advise, and mentor,
  • more inspired to step up to their best work.

Smoother workshop relationships will lead to stronger, more experienced teams (and fewer resignations/subsequent talent searches).



STATISTICS: 59% of US workers are experiencing at least moderate levels of burnout, according to Aflac. Gallup cites that burned-out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day and 2.6x as likely to be actively seeking a different job.



~ Your team cares about their work and wants to do it well.

~ They understand the importance of their work (for the company, its clients, and the world).

~ But they’re running out of gas and so, of course, they feel short-fused and/or resentful at times.

Something needs to change because more and more of your team members (whether they let on about it or not) are wondering how much longer they can keep going like this.

Your team will learn:

  • why most pop culture conversations are completely wrong about boundaries.
  • word for word, what healthy boundaries sound like… that make other people actually want to honor them. (Spoiler: boundaries ≠ “no.”)
  • how better boundaries are in the best interest of them, their clients, their team, and the company.


Employee Benefits (= Organizational Benefits):

Team members will go from working until midnight, trying to get everything finished before a deadline, to having calm and focused time for each project… so they can do the high-level work they’re capable of (and put it away at the end of the day).



STATISTIC: Forbes cites that only 30% of managers think they can delegate well… and only one in three managers is considered to be a good delegator by their subordinates.


“More Manageable Management”

When everything is important, how can you possibly prioritize?

When it takes as long to explain how to do something as it takes to do it yourself, what’s the point of delegation?

Participants will learn how to:

  • See their role more clearly… so they can step into it fully.
  • Prioritize tasks… so they can be confident they’re accomplishing what’s most important each day,
  • Let go of what’s not theirs to do… so they can stop micromanaging and/or doubling other’s efforts.
  • Shift from an individual to team mindset… so they can excel at their own work and empower others to do the same.

Employee Benefits (= Organizational Benefits):

With this workshop, managers will save time and create a more powerful, engaged team to support them. Support staff will be more prepared to step into promotions.

Why Sheila?

It can be tough to find someone who’s both informative and engaging. Especially on virtual presentations…which are still relevant in engaging team members across time zones (and home offices).

Sheila calls on her former career as a professional stage actor to ensure your team will leave invigorated and ready to navigate professional challenges, such as:

  • providing constructive feedback (so it’s more likely to be well-received and applied),
  • engaging discouraged employees (so they’re less likely to “quiet quit” or flat-out quit), and
  • creating win-win work situations (including remote/hybrid work and managing different generations).


Sheila knows how to *captivate* and *educate* your audience, even on Zoom.

Sheila has 8+ years of experience, coaching and training executives from a wide range of companies (including: Chase Bank, Walmart, prestigious law/accounting firms such as ORBA and Beermann LLP, and more).

She provides realistic, actionable solutions for the top 5 challenges facing executives today: 1) revenue generation, 2) time, 3) leadership, 4) growth, and 5) marketing.

“I was fortunate to participate in Sheila’s “healthy boundaries” workshop. Sheila immediately captured the audience with her honesty, warmth and sense of humor. She provides creative examples to help you learn to how delegate and to set clear boundaries without being harsh or negative. Sheila’s answers to unique questions demonstrate her quick thinking and wit. After the workshop, our group continued the discussion. I would (and regularly do) highly recommend Sheila’s workshops!”

Lori Goldstein

Employment Lawyer, Law Office of Lori A. Goldstein LLC

Dr. Cat Simms
CEO & Owner, Florida Children’s Institute

Help your team

(so they’re more likely to be engaged and able to do their best work).

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“Sheila spoke to our Women’s Alliance Group at ORBA about how to better communicate with clients during this particularly stressful time. She gave us helpful and simple skills that we can all apply going forward – both professionally and personally. Sheila engaged with our group through role-playing which further demonstrated how these simple (but powerful!) replies and skills work in real life situations. Thank you Sheila!”

Cara Wills

Manager, Ostrow, Reisin, Berk & Abrams