A new journey has begun.

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Happy New Year!

I hope that your holidays were joyful and relaxing.

I started the new year with yoga yesterday, led by one of my favorite instructors. She read us a lovely passage at the beginning of our practice. I thought you might like it, too.

“Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. They can start almost invisibly or arrive with a big bang. Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be explored, and old lessons to be recalled, practiced, and appreciated. Beginnings hold ambiguity, promise, fear, and hope. Don’t let the lessons, the experiences of the past, dampen your enthusiasm for beginnings. Just because it’s been hard doesn’t mean it will always be that difficult. Don’t let the heartbreaks of the past cause you to become cynical, close you off to life’s magic and promise. Open yourself wide to all that the universe has to say. Let yourself begin anew. Pack your bags. Choose carefully what you bring, because packing is an important ritual. Take along some humility and the lessons of the past. Toss in some curiosity and excitement about what you haven’t yet learned. Say your good-byes to those you’re leaving behind. Don’t worry who you will meet or where you will go. The way has been prepared. The people you are to meet will be expecting you. A new journey has begun. Let it be magical. Let it unfold.” ~Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

I decided to take a real break over the holidays. I’ll be back next week with the start of the special blog series around The Four Tendencies. 

In the meantime, did you take the quiz to figure out which “tendency” you are? (If you don’t know what a “tendency” is, check out my last post.)​

I understand myself differently knowing that I’m an Obliger. It made total sense to me that I was able to get out of bed at 6:30am on a -6 degree Chicago morning (yes, that’s negative six degrees, not including wind chill) to go to the gym this morning. I had my small group Tabata class, which I pay extra for, and Aaron, my awesome instructor, would be expecting me at 7am. As an Obliger, I meet external expectations. It was beyond cold, but I rolled out of my cozy bed and went to class. ​I guarantee I wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t had the Tabata class. (I’m guessing the few folks working out by themselves upstairs were all Upholders.)

Anyhoo, more on that soon….

Thank you for joining me in 2018.

I wish you love, joy, health, adventure, and success in the coming year.



What’s your tendency? What’s your new year’s resolution? Let me know in the comments below.

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