A Little Question That Makes a Big Difference.

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Last month, I shared a post…but it wasn’t the whole story.

I wrote about the one-year anniversary of losing most of my taste/smell and how I still sometimes wrestle with regret…

At the time, I felt like I had to vote in-person to make sure it was counted; I wish I’d used a dropbox instead.

I wrestle with regret, but I wouldn’t necessarily change what happened. (Yes, those two can co-exist.)

If you knew me in my 20s, you might remember me as the least resilient person. It took me years to move through some of what happened in that difficult decade.

Back then, I wondered “why is this happening to me?”

Nowadays, I aspire to ask myself a different question.

“What if this is happening FOR me?”

Changing that one word made all the difference this past year.

Of course, there were periods of mourning; I lost my professionally trained palate and a big part of my identity.

But I was able to find perspective when I remembered the bigger question…

“What if this is happening FOR me?”

~ What might happen in my life because I’m not spending most of my leisure time trying new recipes or restaurants? (Maybe I’ll dance more. Maybe I’ll pick up pottery. Maybe I’ll meet my love.)

~ Fried foods taste terrible these days. Salads are best because they have texture. (It can only benefit me to eat more fresh veggies and less french fries, right?)

~ We don’t become stronger or more resilient by skating through life. We discover our strength and capacity when we survive hard things. (Navigating this will prepare me for the inevitable next challenge…just like all my earlier challenges prepared me for this one.)

What about you, friend?

What are you struggling with (whether it’s an unforeseen consequence or something completely random)?

What would be different if you believed, even with 1% of you, that there’s nothing to wish away?

*What if, in the grand scheme, this is happening FOR you?*

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